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The Galleries of 2014 have started their activities in the realms of gold with intense and ambitious goals, and now they are worthy of divine grace. Dear lovers have become a widespread collection and have 10 branches in the country below the jewelry association can be all products of the gallery of 18 centimeters and semi-precious stones, as well as other accessories such as textiles and leather. All products can be sold at branches with a unit fee and a credit union invoice, and up to 4 days replacement is possible. Today, Elly has become a sourcing brand in the Iranian jewelry industry. It is worth mentioning in the collection for the sake of the well-being of the dear customers of Tehran's non-sight sales and free delivery in the city.











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The best photo gallery in order to serve our customers dearly all delivery of goods in Tehran with a courier in 24 hours and ordering customers outside of Tehran with free postings within 72 working hours.
How to pay for goods sent to your customer's choice and online payments through the bank and at the place through the machine is made
For non-existing items, select the option to place the order. Your order will be registered and will be ready within 10 working days. The weight of your selected item will be limited. And the time of delivery of the product to the customer, the weight and precise price on the invoice and submit to the customer It should be noted that, according to the law of the gold medal union, the final price of goods is on The price of the gold on the day of delivery is calculated.
To make it easier and faster for our customers to choose from, we offer hot and low-priced golds for gift items so that you can make a decent gift for your loved ones with a little time. Also, the selected items in the package with the greetings card. Sent to you
Due to the fact that the items are sent by the post office of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is possible to check it by entering the postal number in the following link.
((Raw gold price + earnings) * g + supplies) + 9% tax + 7% profit






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